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Life Coaching

To create direction and change in your life. I use my other therapies within my coaching session to help you to deal with uncomfortable emotions and difficult times as well as moving you towards your goals and dreams.

Life Coaching with me is for you if you simply want to change anything in your life or the way you feel about something in your life or the past.


Whether it be circumstantial, a relationship, career, emotional issue, body image, an inability to let go of the past, or an unwanted behaviour pattern, it can be addressed and changed with coaching sessions, strategies and a full commitment from yourself.


It is crucial that you are ready for change and are willing to create clarity and do what it takes to move forward. I use a variety of techniques to help you to move past issues that you have not been able to shift before.


These sessions are completely confidential and without judgement and very much focused on you creating whatever you desire!

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