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Why is Marriage Coaching So Powerful?

First of all, let us look at what marriage coaching is.


Marriage coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental and empowering process that you commit to which will inspire, guide and empower you to achieve your relationship goals. 


Marriage coaching is supportive and encouraging at a time when you may be feeling very emotional and not sure where to get help.


During the marriage coaching sessions, the coach will ask you questions and use strategies to explore your marriage, you and your partners' wants and needs in the marriage and also in life. Your coach will then suggest strategies and actions that you can take to have the marriage you desire.



Marriage coaching is available to anyone who has relationships, which of course we all do! Whether you are a married couple, common-law couple, are single or have an In-law or friendship problem, then marriage coaching is available to you.

In marriage coaching the Coach does not ‘take sides’ with either party. It is a very fair and non – judgmental journey that considers each persons’ happiness and significance and requires that each person focuses on their own responsibilities within the relationship and in their own lives.



So, Why Is Marriage Coaching So Powerful?


When a marriage or relationship is improved, it has a beautiful ripple effect. It creates a whole new family dynamic for families with children. Happy parents, happy kids and in turn, happy extended families. When children see a healthy relationship between their parents, the effects of that last a lifetime for those kids, and possibly even their children. Children learn how to do relationships from us so, the better we are at it, the better they will learn.



Marriage coaching can change a marriage by coaching only one person from the marriage.



Marriage coaching helps you to clarify what you need from your partner, what is missing and what is working. The coaching sessions will focus on how you can feel how you want to feel when with your partner and how to make that happen.


Significant changes and improvements can be made right from the first marriage coaching session.



Marriage coaching explores your marriage like you have never done before. It creates so much clarity and understanding that the way forward seems much more straightforward than you would have imagined.



Marriage coaching can enable you to create more understanding, empathy and compassion in your relationship.



Marriage coaching focuses on the present and moving forward. We set goals and agree on actions to achieve those goals.



Marriage coaching is empowering because you become proactive. There is no blaming or shaming the other person; each persons' focus is on themselves and what they can do to improve the marriage. This focus takes you out of feeling helpless and makes you feel stronger and more in control and helps you to change your perception of the marriage and your partner with greater ease. It is also quite a relief to let go of trying to change the other person!



Marriage coaching can quickly change your perspective on the relationship and your partner. Changing your point of view from the start helps to change your situation swiftly.


Marriage coaching can help you to have clarity on where and what your relationship is, and then you can build on that.


Marriage coaching helps each person to recognize and value their own and each others’ strengths.



Marriage coaching reminds you of why you got together in the first place and how to recreate those feelings.



Marriage coaching enables couples to reconnect, love again and allow trust back in.



Marriage coaching helps people feel better about themselves and lifts self-esteem.


Marriage coaching can help you to know more about yourself and your partner.


Marriage coaching allows the true you to show up to the relationship; when this happens, you will feel great about yourself regardless of what anyone else is doing!



Marriage coaching can free you from past destructive relationship patterns and show you how to be in a healthy, loving relationship.


You deserve to be in a happy marriage and it is absolutely possible for you to have that, sometimes we just need to know how :)



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