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Access Bars 



Access Bars is an ideal treatment for children, it is gentle and nurturing and only  short sessions are required, usually only 30 minutes or less. It is relaxing and calming for them and sometimes parents can see before their eyes their child easing into relaxation.


Access Bars is a holistic treatment and so treats the child as a whole rather than treating specific issues/symptoms. This allows change/benefits to show up in several ways, some immediate and some over time sometimes months later.

Access Bars can be beneficial  for children who:

Have trouble sleeping

Are struggling at school, either emotionally or academically

Have ADD, ADHD and Autism

Suffer with anxiety

Have had emotional upset or trauma

Have depression

Are in their teens

Have behavioural challenges

Lack Confidence


Regular Access Bars sessions can help your child become happier and more joyful please see the possible benefits below:

Feel Calmer

Can help them sleep better

More focus and attention

Greater clarity
Increased Creativity
Less Stress and Anxiety in Children
Aware of More Possibilities
Increased Happiness

Greater Ease in their bodies

Greater Ease in their lives
Deep Relaxation
Increased Sense of well being
Things don’t seem to bother them as much as they did before

Effective for Unhappy/Anxious Teenagers

Can help Improve Grades at School

Balance Mood
Improve Confidence

Remove Limitations 

Ease Anxiety

The session involves your child lying on a therapy table whilst I gently press on several points on their head. This releases blocked energy and is similar to accupressure. Children usually enjoy the session and it is in no way painful.

Bars sessions for children are £15 for 30 minutes for children 12 and under. Longer sessions are recommended for  teenagers and are £30 for an hour.


EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique and TFT stands for Thought Field Therapy.

Both of these therapies involve tapping on specific points on the face and body to release blocked energy causing unwanted emotions and behaviours. They are simple yet effective and can have immediate results.

Specific Issues for which I offer TFT to children are:






I offer EFT for more general issues such as low self esteem or poor self perception, upset at school/with friends, negative sef belief.

If your child is struggling with an issue not mentioned here please do get in touch with me and I will be happy to discuss potential options with you to help them. My therapies can be blended to suit your childs' needs.


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