Hi, I am Jane Parker and I have been offering Access Bars and Personal Coaching  in our lovely town of Kendal for the past 8 years! I set up my business - Gentle Touch Therapy purely for Access Bars and my business has been growing ever since.I have since added Personal Coaching, Relationship Coaching, EFT and TFT to my practice and love having a plethora of tools to help my clients to deal with many issues, emotions, circumstances and challenges.

I absolutely love my work especially Bars Therapy. It has changed my life so much for the better and I love seeing the amazing results my clients get after their sessions.

I have gifted Bars to many clients and also to all my friends, family and my children and continue to do so whenever life gets a bit tough or emotions are high.

In 2016 I trained as a Access Bars Facilitator which means I have now taught many others in this area to become  Access Bars Practitioners also.

I am a trained Life Coach and also am an EFT and TFT Practitioner and an Advanced Relationship Coach, I combine all of my therapies in Life Coaching sessions.

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