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About me

Hi, I am Jane Parker and I have been offering Access Bars and Personal Coaching  in our lovely town of Kendal for the past 8 years!
I set up my business - Gentle Touch Therapy purely for Access Bars and my business has been growing ever since. I have since added Personal Coaching, Relationship Coaching, EFT and TFT to my practice and love having a plethora of tools to help my clients to deal with many issues, emotions, circumstances and challenges.
I absolutely love my work especially Access Bars Therapy. It has changed my life so much for the better and I love seeing the amazing results my clients get after their sessions.
I have gifted Bars to many clients and also to all my friends, family and my children and continue to do so whenever life gets a bit tough or emotions are high.
In 2016 I trained as a Access Bars Facilitator which means I have now taught many others in this area to become  Access Bars Practitioners also.
I am a trained Life Coach and also am an EFT and TFT Practitioner and a Certified Advanced Relationship Coach, I combine all of my therapies in Life Coaching sessions.
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