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Facilitating Emotional And Spiritual Well Being

Hi, I am Jane and I offer a range of therapies to help you with your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and to help you to deal with life's challenges with more ease..



Access Bars is a nurturing and relaxing therapy which is applied to pressure points on the head. In addition to the deep relaxation during the session, there are numerous  benefits which carry on long after the session has ended


Thought Field Therapy and EFT are tapping therapies which work quickly and simply to release unwanted behaviours, emotions and beliefs. These are also very effective to change addictions, phobias and habits.


Relationship or Marriage Coaching

I work with couples and individuals to empower and guide them to achieve their goals within their relationship. Whether you are at crisis or separation point or would just like to resolve specific issues I offer strategies, wisdom and a safe place to create change.


Life Coaching

Personal coaching is your way of committing to your own life and working to achieve your goals. in any area. It also can help you to create clarity on what you want your life to look like and create balance. If you don't seem to be getting where you want to be the Coaching can help you get there!

About me

Hi, I am Jane and I offer a range of therapies to help you with your mental,
emotional and physical wellbeing and to help you to deal with life's challenges with more ease..
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"It is not selfish to take care of yourself, it is essential.
Your wellbeing should be an absolute priority - not an after thought."

Getting Help

I have a range of therapies that are beneficial for the following.......






Self Esteem











Life Balance






We can use a combination of therapies as they all work in harmony together for effective healing and change.
Please get in touch if you would like advice on how to move forward or are unsure which therapies are best for you.
I hope to see you soon, Jane :)
  • For your emotional and mental wellbeing upkeep.

    45 British pounds
  • Relax, reset, rejuvenate and clear your mind.

    60 British pounds
  • Make Access Bars a regular commitment to your well being.

    125 British pounds
  • For teenagers up to age 18

    30 British pounds
  • Suitable for children of any age up to 12 years

    15 British pounds
  • TFT quickly and simply change addictions to specific foods or meals

    60 British pounds
  • Online session for simple, quick and effective change

    60 British pounds
  • Intensive 30 minute tapping session to reduce or eliminate anxiety

    30 British pounds
  • TFT can quickly and simply clear or reduce any phobias and fears.

    60 British pounds
  • Thought Field Therapy is effective with the desire to stop smoking

    60 British pounds
  • FREE Empowering and strategic coaching to improve your relationship.

"My experience with Jane was like nothing I have tried before.  It was relaxing, comforting, assertive and made me feel I could deal with anything."

Room 11, First Floor

Stramongate House

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Tel: 0797 007 2755 email: 1gentletouchtherapy@gmail.com

Gentle Touch Therapy

Room 11, Stramongate House

53 Stramongate, Kendal LA9 4BH

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