Hi, I am Jane and I offer a range of therapies to help you with your mental,

emotional and physical wellbeing and to help you to deal with life's challenges with more ease..




Beneficial for:

Mind chatter




Low mood

Bad sleep



Clearing your mind

Feeling 'stuck' in life

Lack of concentration

Lack of motivation


Induces relaxation, calm and a feeling of being nurtured.

Thought Field Therapy and EFT


Beneficial for:


Food Addictions



Stop Smoking

Changing any habit or behaviour pattern

Relationship or marriage Coaching

Are you unhappy or unfulfilled in your relationship?

I coach couples or individuals to empower and guide them to creating the relationship or marriage

they truly desire.


Personal Coaching


To create direction and change in your life. I use my other therapies within my coaching session to hel you to deal with uncomfortable emotions and difficult times aswell as moving you towards your goals and dreams.

I am sadly not able to offer Access Bars Therapy until July 4th. You can however now

book yourself in for after this date to ensure you get an appointment or get in touch if you

feel it is urgent.

All other therapies are available currently via Zoom please book here.


You can mix and match as they all work in harmony together for effective healing and


Please get in touch via the form below if you would like advice on how to move forward or are unsure which therapies are best for you.

I hope to see you soon, Jane :)

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